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Femme Aid Collaborative provides monthly menstrual hygiene products to those in need in our community.

Our Mission

Femme Aid Collaborative strives to be a centralized collection and funding agency, providing community organizations with a steady supply of menstrual hygiene products for their clients. Working collaboratively with local businesses and other high school students to raise money for product, helping to host drives, and be the collection points within their communities.

“PATH Homeless Outreach specialists work to meet the housing needs of the most vulnerable citizens in our community. Our clients need a variety of services to impact their lives positively. We provide basic care items every day and we never have enough female personal hygiene products. Femme Aid Collaborative will help us to provide feminine supplies that aren’t always available to our female clients.”
— Andrea McGriff, Program Services Director of Miami Valley Housing Opportunities

How Can You Help? DONATE!

  • Make a Donation


  • Donate products via our drop barrels

  • Run a mini-product drive at your place of work or worship.

  • Host a drop-off location

  • Connect us with a charity that needs our services.

  • Host your own product drive