Founding Members

This leadership team represents diverse areas of expertise, and is committed to serving Femme Aid Collaborative’s significant organizational purpose for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.


Ryann Mescher, Director of Business Strategy & Finance

One of the four founding members, Ryann was inspired to take action and pulled in her friends on Femme Aid so they could immediately get to work.  A passion in photography has led her to a summer internship at Levitt Pavillion Dayton.  As a member of her high school’s yearbook staff, she loves capturing moments through her photography.  Ryann loves to help others and will major in Psychology after high school.


Zoe Waller, Director of marketing strategy & Technology

Last year, Zoe was awarded the “Freshman Female Citizen” award through her high school for her success in academics and involvement in the community. She has a passion for helping and working with others, and hopes to someday have a career in public management. Zoe, a founding member of Femme Aid Collaborative, will drive awareness and support through social media efforts.


Dana Clark, Director of corporate and community outreach

Dana helped establish Femme Aid Collaborative to help improve the lives of the women in the Dayton area. She has discovered a passion for public speaking as a member of the Speech and Debate team. She hopes to use these skills in raising awareness for Femme Aid Collaborative and ending period poverty in the region. She volunteers at a local performing arts camp for elementary students during the summer.


Claire PArker, Director of business operations & Analytics

As a founding member of Femme Aid, Claire wants to make the lives of women in the Dayton area easier. She has a passion for working with others and hopes to pursue a career where she can continue her philanthropic work. She has worked with other charities such as Pink Ribbon Girls and Shoes 4 the Shoeless.