In the summer of 2018, Ryann and Claire were at the grocery store with Ryann’s mother, when they noticed a women sorting her groceries from her feminine hygiene products and asking the cashier how much she had spent.

It was obvious to Ryann’s mother the woman was deciding what food items she would have to sacrifice in order to have enough money for her period products.

Ryann’s mother quickly jumped into action and paid the difference of the entire cart so she wouldn't have to sacrifice anything.

The women was extremely thankful and Ryann’s mom reassured her, “It was what neighbors do.”  

In the car, Ryann’s mother broke down in tears and explained what the woman was doing and that she NEVER wanted anyone to ever have to choose between eating and having supplies for their monthly cycle.

The experience had a lasting effect on the girls, who shared the story with their friends Zoe and Dana. Together, the girls agreed. NO WOMAN SHOULD HAVE TO CHOOSE.

The girls did some research on period poverty, called some local nonprofits, identified the needs in their community and started planning for their first drive in March 2019.  

Period poverty IS a need in our community, and Femme Aid Collaborative feels they can help fight the problem and make a difference in our community.